Welcome to our ‘Pic and Mix’ Sweets units – a haven for sweet enthusiasts. We take pride in offering four open-sided units, making it a breeze to choose from our extensive selection of over 50 sweets. From classic gummy bears to tangy sour candies, we cater to all your cravings.

But that’s not all! We also delight in serving up fluffy Candy Floss, fresh Popcorn, and sweet Toffee Apples. At our ‘Pic and Mix’ Sweets units, we’re dedicated to creating sweet memories one candy at a time. Join us in our candy wonderland, where choices are endless, and sweetness knows no bounds.”

Pic and Mix Unit Details

Measurements – 3m Height x 8m Width

Set Up Time – 20 minutes

4 x Pick And Mix Units Available

Power Requirements – 1 x 13 Amp Power