German Swing Grill

Introducing Peaks Catering Ltd’s German Swing Grill catering unit, where we bring the authentic flavours of Germany to life. Our German Swing Grill is the heart of our operation, using smokeless restaurant coal to meticulously prepare a range of traditional German dishes. It’s the secret behind the mouth-watering aromas and rich, smoky flavours that make our food so irresistible.

This culinary masterpiece is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, especially at Oktoberfest events, where the appetite for authentic German cuisine runs high. From sizzling sausages to delicious pretzels, our German Swing Grill ensures that every bite is a taste of Germany at its finest. Join us in celebrating the culinary traditions of Germany and experience the magic of our German Swing Grill.

German Swing Grill Unit Details

Measurements – 3m Height x 8m Width

Set Up Time – 120 minutes

Power Requirements – 1 x 32 Amp Power
N.B. Smokeless Restaurant Coal Used

Example Menu